NICHE(Triple “E” Space in Bathroom )

Introduction of Niche

The design of the niche is derived from the mysterious shrine. In the home decoration, the niche manifests an excellent expansion performance, and with its recessed wall design that does not occupy the planar space, the niche is considered as a small-sized storage artifact. Therefore, integrating the niche into a small bathroom can not only enrich the storage capacity but also ensure the cleanliness of the space as well as enhance the appearance of the entire area.

Advantages of Niche

An Ornamental Element — Elegant, Exquisite, and Enriching

The shapes of the niches are diverse. Square is common and popular, and others can be round, narrow, or wide. Its installation is to directly open a hole on the wall, so the two sides of the hole can be used for hidden light, making the embellishment be shrouded in mystery and fully demonstrating the charisma of the furnishings. Thus, the niches are highly decorative. Whether it is home improvement or industrial decoration, it is enough to avoid monotony in the space.

A Particular Design — Practical and Convenient

The niche is specially designed to be concave on the wall, so there is no need to worry about items placed inside being touched or falling to the ground. Without occupying space, it is usually about 0.1 to 0.2 meters from the wall, thereby such a depth is convenient to store items. In addition, the niche is capable of expanding the indoor space for extending vision.

Type of Niche

Be Horizontal

Shower niches are usually elongated with a width greater than their height. This parallel niche would be an ideal choice for a large space.

Be Vertical

A vertical niche is a great option for limited wall space. This design is simple but aesthetically pleasing without occupying much area but has a powerful storage function.

Be Integrated

It is recommended to use a recessed niche that integrates the niche and the wall without any sense of violation. Try to use the same tiles as the bathroom wall to ensure overall harmony and consistency.

Be Contrastive

If hoping the shower space catch attention for the first time, it would be better to create a contrast between the niche and the wall in color or material. For example, when the bathroom wall is lighter in color, the niche can be highlighted with darker tones.

Be Folded

If aiming to enlarge the space utilization on the basis of a vertical niche, consider using a partition with the same material of the niche or install with glass in the space.

Hidden Lighting

The lighting of the shower room is often a neglected point of the home design. However, lighting can render incredibly dreamy effects. If stressing the shower space and gather lighting, installing waterproof LED lighting on the niche is a proper option, not only making the niche a focal point but also emanating a magical and soft aura.

Be Compound

The above-mentioned types of niches do not have to be selected independently, and different styles can be combined according to requirements. For instance, in order to accommodate bottles and jars in different heights, it can be considered to combine horizontal and vertical niches. In this way, flat or smaller items, such as soap, can be well organized in the niches, and slender bottles can be easily put in as well, not only helping the objects return to their place but also promoting a lively feeling to the design of the niche.

Position of Niche

In the Shower Area

The shower area in the bathroom is limited and often a gathering place for sewer tunnels, blowdown pipes, and even floor rainwater pipes. A niche can be set up to accommodate the sanitary products according to the misalignment between the pipe and the wall. The conventional pipe wrapping method wastes space and loses individuality, whereas the niche designed with an irregular shape can perfectly hide all kinds of pipes and make the wall look very artistic.

Around the Vanity

Designing a niche around the washbasin is beneficial to placing all kinds of daily care neatly and orderly, maintaining the aesthetics of the overall space and the convenience of life. The niche that integrates storage and display is connected with the wall to effectively expand the storage area and does not occupy the floor space. It is the most suitable display area for fragmentary bathroom products.

Above the Toilet

Even if the space above the toilet is less than 1 square meter, the space expansion can be achieved as long as it is designed properly. When installing a wall-mounted toilet, prepare an area above the toilet, so that there will be an extra space that can be applied to make a multi-layer niche for storing paper towels, toilet cleaners, and other items behind the toilet. Whether it is to let the niche fully blend into the background, or to change the color to stand out, the overall effect is impressive and exhilarating. Installing a hidden waterproof LED lighting strip in the niche will create a bright and smooth ambiance.