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Developing a process technology that offers benefits in resource and quality efficiency.

Why Choosing Us?

As a professional sanitary ware company with more than 10-year experience, Merranox has designed thousands of products, such as minimalist and premium art basins, and we have been exported to over 50 countries and received unanimous praise from customers. Overseas warehouses all over the world provide the necessary convenience and ensure the supply reliability of more than hundreds of agents. Merranox, a sanitary ware brand that coexists with innovation and preciseness, has been recognized by numerous global certification.

Team cooperation is the basis for gathering inspiration and exchanging ideas. Merranox regards the ability of collaboration as its core value to respond to the trend of globalization. Peer communications, cross-field collaboration, and international integration will open up another development path for the sanitary ware industry. Innovation is the strongest driving force for brand development. Only being limited to traditions cannot broaden the new setup of a brand. The constant pursuit of renewal and creation can deliver brand value and exercise influence.


Quality Satisfaction

Quality is always the core of our company. The best raw materials, the latest technology and our company's exquisite production process have created the highest quality formula. It is always the result of professional knowledge, high concentration, sincere effort, wise guidance and skilled execution. From our recognition and compliance with your quality requirements, design capabilities, dimensional tolerancing, material and production process tracing, inspection and validation reports, our company will provide the highest quality products in accordance with your satisfaction - Guaranteed.

High Ability of Collaboration

In order to build an excellent quality, we integrate comprehensively superior resources in bathroom industry, build a full industry chain of foreign trade sanitary service solutions, and move forward in continuous improvement. Dealing with customer problems in a timely manner and proposing targeted solutions are our strengths. We build a series of sanitary ware solution system to meet the diversified demands of customers in the market. This will make us to move on the development speed of the enterprise at the forefront of the industry.

Customer Support Experienced

Customer support represents a range of services aimed at assisting our customers. Our services are included maintenance, troubleshooting, responding to feedback and inquiries, and assistance regarding proper product disposal. We have a service team composed of industry elites, thinking from the customer's point of view, able to meet various personalized business needs of customers. Beside, our company will proactive in reaching out to customer after every purchase is made to ensure that customer’s experience is as good as it can be. We always take feedback of the products and services from the customer. Feedback helps us to know the customer better and incorporate the necessary changes for better customer satisfaction.



As part of our branding, if necessary, we are happy to send free samples at any time with free shipping. Do not be stingy with your wisdom. We are looking forward to your feedback and comments on the product. Kick-starting a new business with you from a free sample will be valuable.


The timely and safe delivery is our priority. In general, we will strictly control the delivery time within the fastest period we promised after you place the order. During the period, if there is any logistics issue, we will contact you in time and guarantee that you can receive the goods within the fastest period we promised.


The packaging box is strictly conducted with export standards, preventing damage, and the transparent plastic film package is available. In addition, the product packaging can be customized and assembled in accordance with the various needs of customers, and meanwhile, we also provide alternative solutions for customers.


After negotiation between the two parties, the goods can be provided with free warehousing services. The storage equipment is complete, with sufficient places and a full range of monitoring equipment, fire extinguisher, rodent-proof outfit, and other facilities to ensure the safety of goods. The one-stop logistics processing solution addresses the worries that products cannot be picked up in time.


Tell us your need via entering email and we'll reply as soon as possible with detailed product data as well as a free sample. Look forward to serving you!